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Bigg boss: ‘Possessive’ Akhil and ‘Weeping’ Monal’s romantic thread irritates audience

2020-09-17 07:27:15 :

Bigg boss season 4 in the present day episode additionally filled with dances and leisure. It appeared extra like watching a dance present reasonably than a actuality present, as per some audience.

Expertise present:

Bigg boss in the present day gave job to the housemates to entertain the housemates and the audience. As a part of this job, Harika and Mehboob danced for ‘Top lechipoddi’ music. They took assist from Amma Rajasekhar on choreographing the music. Monal and Sohail danced for “Vana vana” music whereas Amma Rajasekhar carried out a solo dance. Noel and Lasya had been judges for this expertise present. Abijeeth, Akhil and Devi did a brief skit. The judges awarded Mehboob and Harika the highest performers award.

Akhil-Monal-Abhijeeth irritating love triangle continued:

In every season of Huge boss, we watch some love tales blossoming. Some tales get related to the audience and some tales irritate them.This season, Akhil – Monal- Abijeeth triangle story is approaching the display in every and each episode. Akhil Sarthak has been making an attempt to get nearer to heroine Monal. He was seen feeding her, and he was seen feeling jealous when she is speaking to Abijeeth. Abijeeth appears to be speaking to her casually however Akhil is exhibiting the expressions of over possessiveness. Whether or not it’s his actual feeling or he’s doing it for the sport isn’t identified but nevertheless it has now develop into very clear that he needs to indicate the expression of jealousy and over possessiveness with reference to Monal.

Housemates observed Akhil’s emotions:

At this time Abhijeeth conveyed the identical to Lasya and Sujatha. Although they didn’t consider initially, later they noticed Akhil feeling restlessness when Monal was training dance actions with Sohail and confirmed on what Abijeeth mentioned to them. Akhil is exhibiting no hesitation to indicate his keenness to get nearer to Monal. Nevertheless, his moody nature and over possessiveness are making audience disconnect with him.

Akhil’s moody and jealous nature hampering his prospects:

Akhil appears to be not capable of digest even the slightest praise given to others as compared with him. On the day of launch of the present, Akhil did 50 push ups on the stage. Throughout this weekend episode, Nagarjuna very casually mentioned to Akhil that his push ups are nothing in comparison with Sohail’s push ups in secret room the place he did push ups carrying Ariyana on the again. However after this assertion of Nagarjuna, Akhil’s face expressions rapidly turned pale and he couldn’t conceal his unhappiness and jealousy in his face.

Individuals do wish to watch good love tales in actuality reveals however they accomplish that when the folks concerned in that story are lovable and like-able. However as Akhil is just too moody and Monal is ‘Narmada’ river of this season, persons are discovering it onerous to hook up with their story.

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