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Dissecting ” V ” – An in depth analysis !

2020-09-05 21:08:53 :

Dr. Jey Shrawan Aerrola

DISCLAIMER: I don’t intend to jot down a polemic or spew vitriol about this or any
different movie that I deep dive into, in reality, it’s the other, it’s the love of cinema
that evokes me to jot down in such nice element and it’s that very love, particularly
in direction of our Telugu cinema that compelled me to scrutinize our movies, particularly
the screenplay, on a microscopic stage. Y’all higher buckle up, that is going to be a
lengthy piece.

Like a lot of you caught at residence & attempting to not let the banality of what our lives
have turn out to be get to you,  I too was clamouring for some true blue Telugu content material
to observe (A person can solely take so many Malayalam films) & out comes “V”,
touted as a Neo-noir movie, it’s Written & Directed by Mr. Indraganti Mohan
Krishna & it stars Mr. Nani,  Mr. Sudheer, Ms. Nivetha Thomas, Ms. Aditi Rao
Hydari and plenty of extra acquainted faces.
Mr Indraganti comes throughout like a person of erudition, as evidenced by him waxing
lyricals about all the pieces from Historical past of Antiquity to Shakespeare to Truffaut to
Dogme 95 & add to that his commencement from a movie faculty (one of many uncommon few in
current working administrators in TFI) & his oeuvre, so When he introduced that this
film can be a Neo-noir thriller, my curiosity was naturally piqued & my
expectations soared. so let’s watch what Mr.Indraganti has in retailer for us this time
It’s broadly believed that there are solely Seven varieties of tales to be advised & that
each story that needed to be written or in case of a cinema, placed on display, has been
executed already, so the one factor that’s left to do for a author/Director is how does
he/she put his/her personal spin on it & inform the identical previous story in a refreshing
method & it offers me no pleasure to let you know that Mr.Indraganti’s writing falters at
each attainable stage.
Mr.Indraganti took the tried & examined system of Revenge sops & repackaged it as
a “Cat & Mouse game” between the 2 main males. The thought in & itself isn’t a
dangerous one, dealt with correctly it had the potential to be a riveting thriller however what
we get as a substitute is a Vapid excuse for a thriller with half baked plot & appallingly
underdeveloped characters. Let’s undergo the plethora of issues that went
improper with this movie.

CASTING : Let’s begin with addressing the Elephant in the room, Casting. Jack
Reacher, the protagonist in the eponymous sequence of novels by Lee Little one is a 6’3″
hulking menace of a determine however once they solid 5’7″ Tom Cruise as Jack there was
an outrage among the many followers of the books, however Mr.Cruise along with his sheer physicality
& performing prowess was in a position to overcome the bias & proved that it’s not the
peak that makes the character pop on display however how an actor embodies the
position (which entails the varied prep the position requires one to endure). The
motive why I shared that anecdote is as a result of the character portrayed by Mr.
Nani in “V” is meant to be this agent of carnage & a veteran of the Particular
forces in the military similar to Jack & like Mr.Cruise , Mr.Nani additionally stands at 5’6 however
I’m afraid the similarities finish there.  Mr. Nani’s lack of imposing display presence
juxtaposed along with his supposed feats of  “badassery” mixed with the tacky
one liners are jarring at greatest & unintentionally humorous at worse. At no level was I
satisfied that this character was able to taking down males twice his dimension with
such ease. The worst half was, to compensate his lack of display presence as this
unstoppable Juggernaut, Mr. Nani selected to channel his “badassery” by way of the
cadence of his voice,  which has this foolish baritone harking back to the macho
heroes in 80’s B-movies of Hollywood. This mixed with the appallingly
underdeveloped character of Mr. Nani simply took me out of the film. Mr. Nani is a
superb actor with an affable display presence however motion isn’t his forte, it’s not
as a result of he’s vertically challenged however as a result of he didn’t put in the required work
to mildew himself into wanting the half. Mr. Aamir Khan in his 50’s placed on  20
kilos of muscle over a course of 18 months to play a wrestler in”Dangal”  & Mr.
Nani twirled his mustache & modified the colour of his eyes to convey that he’s a
“Badass” who can take down an assortment of goons with out even breaking a
sweat. Why do Telugu viewers deserve any much less of a dedication or dedication
from their a lot revered display idols to look the half?
CHARACTERS :  There’s a frequent false impression that large price range cinemas are
primarily concerning the spectacle, flash & bang however that’s not the case in many of the
cases, it’s concerning the characters that inhabit that world. The characters are the
basis upon which the spectacle is constructed. If the characters are usually not value
rooting for, it doesn’t matter how flashy the film is, it’ll implode & that’s
what occurred with “V”. There isn’t even one single character which was value
following. let’s speak concerning the large 4 in the film.
1 – NANI – Enjoying the eponymous Vishnu, his character wanted to be entrance &
middle of the movie because it’s his plight that we should always latch on to if we had been to take a position
in the movie. What we get here’s a rehash of the umpteen variety of archetypes
that we’ve been bombarded with all around the years. There’s nothing improper with
choosing an archetype to be your lead however what’s problematic is the shortage of
nuance in the characterization. We don’t know something about Vishnu aside from
the truth that he’s to not be trifled with & he loves his spouse dearly. Some would possibly
argue saying that in a thriller one can’t count on any character arcs, which is legitimate
however Vishnu’s character falls wanting his one & solely job in the movie, to supply us
with the thrills. There’s one other false impression in regards to what precisely a
thriller is. Many assume it’s the twists & turns in the course of the story, that may be a
very simplistic method to have a look at the style, a thrillers main job is create a way
of foreboding among the many viewers by taking us to our wits finish whereas depicting the journey of the lead or in the case of “V” the vengeance Vishnu decides to unleash.
Over the course of the film, there isn’t even a single second which takes us to
the sting of the seat, Vishnu accomplishes each activity at hand with superhuman
ease. No activity is simply too daunting for Vishnu, there isn’t a sense of anticipation or
doubt that whether or not he’d be capable of pull off his activity or not. If there isn’t a doubt,
there isn’t a drama, no drama no thrill, that’s why the film didn’t create any
kind of intrigue irt Vishnu’s character as a result of we already know that he’ll get
what he desires, then why even trouble watching?
2 – SUDHEER-  An lively protagonist is somebody who drives the story, whose
choices change the course of the film. A passive character is somebody who
simply reacts to what the plot does to him, he doesn’t have an effect on the story in any method
in any respect.  Mr.Sudheer’s Aditya needs to be one of the vital passively written
lead characters to be placed on display in current occasions.  He’s simply there to bear
witness to Vishnu’s path of destruction. He’s a stereotypical straight man to
Vishnu’s anti-hero. Aditya’s single job in the film is to make issues troublesome for
Vishnu & he fails at this spectacularly.  This character is so incompetent that
nothing he does nudges the story in a special course or forces Vishnu to
recalibrate his technique, all the pieces goes as easily as Vishnu deliberate for
regardless of what Aditya does & that isn’t a testomony to Vishnu’s efficacy however
a mirrored image of Aditya’s lack of proactiveness. Think about if Aditya’s character had been
to preempt Vishnu’s subsequent assault & intercepts Vishnu, this might flip the tables
on vishnu & would pressure him out of his consolation zone & coerce his hand into
doing one thing Vishnu wouldn’t usually do & now, the hunter turns into the
hunted. This could not solely make these characters appear extra compelling however
would add a lot wanted drama, stress & tempo to the proceedings however what we
get is a bland police procedural masquerading as a “versus” movie. Additionally Dcp Satya’s
character might’ve been completely used to make issues more durable for Aditya by utilizing
Satya to hamper Aditya’s  investigation at each flip, now Aditya has to wage
battle at two fronts, to catch Vishnu but in addition to stave off a jealous colleague who’s
hell bent on ensuring Aditya fails, this creates battle & provides to the drama
however sadly we don’t get something of that types even remotely regardless of DCP Satya
being set as much as be the wrench in Aditya’s gears.
3 – Nivetha Thomas- Sighhh! do I even must elaborate on the futility of this
character? take her out of the film & nothing would change in any respect. That’s
how pointless her character is.
4 – Aditi Rao Hydari- aka “Every dying heroine in every Telugu movie ever”, this
character is a strolling speaking stereotype.  conveniently orphan? examine, doting
spouse? examine, benevolent & stunning? examine. lives & dies solely in order that the hero can
have a function? examine. I’m not towards a very good’ole revenge drama however what
bothers me is the best way this revenge is setup. The character of Ayesha is
shoehorned in simply in order that Vishnu can fill the run time of the cinema by having
three extra targets to kill. Should you observe, aside from KK (the gangster from
Mumbai) who killed Saheba & Prasad who lead KK to Ayesha and inadvertently
to Saheba, Vishnu has no motive to kill the opposite three targets aside from his
dying spouse’s final want. Mr.Indraganti who has a lot disdain (rightfully so) for
the tropes of a business cinema, based mostly your complete movie’s premise round one of the vital cringiest trope of all of them, avenging a dying spouse & fulfilling her final
want. Saheba is much less of a personality & extra of a vessel for cringe & plot
SCREENPLAY – As dismal as are the above talked about attributes, the most important
offender for the movie’s failure to attach with the viewers lies with the lackluster
screenplay . I used to be dismayed to watch this sort of an outdated screenplay from
Mr.Indraganti. There have been cases the place I needed to pause to double examine if
what i’m watching was really shot in 2019 or shot in 2006 (it was when
Mr.Indraganti wrote his first draft of this screenplay). The Lion half of the
premise of the film rests on the belief that Vishnu believes that Aditya is
additionally part of the conspiracy that value the lifetime of his spouse. An assumption which
may be EASILY quelled had Vishnu executed some research on Aditya. such
superfluous & coincidental plots are issues of the yore. The factor that irked me
a lot in order that I nearly gave up on watching the film altogether was the foolish
& whimsical wager Aditya & Vishnu get into IE the entire idea of Aditya
resigning if he fails to catch him. What profession policeman would put his complete
reputation & profession on line willingly & with out any diligence for a two bit lowlife
who solely dedicated one murder to this point? this entire plot level is so farcical &
exists solely to artificially increase some private stakes for Adithya. How does it
even matter if Aditya stays in the pressure or not? Aditya’s resignation provides nothing
to the plot,  it’s there only for the sake of being there.  I’m sorry however that’s not how
stakes in movies work.
— Check out the interval, it units up this intrigue (an overstatement) that
Vishnu might need one thing to do with Aditya’s previous ergo revealing an
unknown aspects of each Aditya’s & Vishnu’s character & in flip making the
stakes really private for each of them . An argument may be made that it’s a
cliched hook however what we really received as a substitute is incoherent & simply plain dumb, so
I’d relatively choose a cliche in such circumstances. Vishnu actually offers Aditya a
clue to learn about his previous only for the sake of letting Aditya learn about his
previous. This transfer doesn’t lead into an elaborate scheme or change the story in any
type or method or serve every other function. Now if I had been a vigilante killer out to
avenge my cherished one, I’d choose to do it below the radar, why would I jeopardize
my very own mission by leaking details about my previous to the very officer who’s
sizzling on my tail & that too only for the sake of it with out reaching something in
return? if I’m going to danger exposing my identification I ought to do it for one thing
treasured in return however to simply rat on myself for the sake of it doesn’t make any
sense in any respect. It’s from this level Aditya additional will get demoted from being a
passive participant to a stand-in for the viewers & Aditya’s purpose goes from catching
Vishnu to turning into an outlet for exposition.
Let’s have a look at the best way the opposite two flashbacks
are revealed. Flashbacks are nothing however exposition & exposition is only a fancy
phrase for info dump, however they’re generally unavoidable, so if you happen to as a
screenwriter are compelled to jot down a flashback be sure you write it in such a method
that the individual getting this info is the one who’s affected essentially the most
emotionally & can alter the course of the story with the brand new info at hand
however what occurs in “V”? polar reverse. Within the case of Ramani , Think about that as a substitute of Aditya, it’s Vishnu who will get to learn about this conspiracy first hand
straight from Ramani? (ofcourse if that’s the case then this scene ought to come in
the primary act) & it might create a transparent sense of function for Vishnu, at this level
individuals would possibly argue that by giving out the explanation why Vishnu is after these
individuals we’d danger dropping intrigue & to them I say, nay. why? if you happen to watch, Ramani
by no means tells something about Saheba, so there’ll nonetheless be sufficient intrigue left as to
how Aditi rao’s character would match into the story & most significantly it might act
as a misdirection as we’d be result in imagine that Vishnu is on the market to avenge
Ayesha which might make us really sit up for the denouement as a result of
we nonetheless don’t know what precisely occurred to Saheba.
Now let’s look the final flashback aka Denouement. At
this level the film was at all-time low & simply after I thought issues couldn’t get
any worse, Mr.Indraganti hits us with a pointless denouement. It’s right here we study
concerning the destiny of Saheba. However all I might consider is, why ought to I care? as a result of at
this level we’ve been already advised that Saheba is useless & each dangerous man
chargeable for it has been handled, at this level anybody can piece collectively
what the denouement can be. It’s not even that lackadaisical execution that
bugged me essentially the most, what baffled me is how Mr.Indraganti selected to disclose the
demise of Saheba to Vishnu. Mr.Indraganti confirmed Saheba’s demise as an after
thought & as a montage, the place we’re requested to take Vishnu’s grief of dropping the
love of his life at face worth . We had been by no means even allowed to expertise or really feel
what Vishnu really went by way of upon studying concerning the demise of Saheba save
for few pictures of him crying & a voice over. However as a substitute of that we get one other
verbose exposition, as I stated earlier, Aditya is a mere stand-in for the viewers.
Mr.Indraganti confused exposition with story telling, the previous lets us merely
perceive the data whereas the latter wraps the identical info in
emotion & makes us care about it in order that we internalize that info as
having a price or an emotional influence.
I anticipated much more from Mr.Indraganti particularly given the expertise (each on &
off display) concerned & deep pockets. This solely goes to point out once more how vital
a screenplay is to cinema. Many individuals are below the misperception that having
learn plenty of literary fiction or having written some Novels would by default give
them the power to translate these expertise to cinema. Screenplay is a special beast
altogether with its personal distinctive algorithm in story telling. case in level, The
nice novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald (Nice Gatsby) tried his hand at screenwriting &
failed miserably. So immerse your self in films & educate your self with all of the
guidelines & conventions of screenwriting with the intention to break them at your personal

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