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Hero Ram interesting tweet on Swarna Palace incident

2020-08-15 13:59:15 :

Hero Ram responded on Swarna palace incident. He tweeted from his official deal with and suspected there could possibly be big conspiracy to point out CM Jagan in unhealthy gentle behind this.

Ram tweeted, “FIRE + FEES = FOOLS
DIVERTING the issue from FIRE to FEES …. only to FOOL all of us?
FEES Clarification: the Billing was done DIRECTLY by SWARNA PALACE HOTEL as they were RESPONSIBLE for the MANAGEMENT! DOCTORS are NOT RESPONSIBLE for the FIRE safety! I doubt there’s a HUGE CONSPIRACY to show the CM of AP in bad light.I request @ysjagan garu to look into it as a few people under him might be doing this without his knowledge.This is causing huge damage to his reputation & Honest approach,amongst all of us! SWARNA PALACE was a QUARANTINE CENTRE run by the GOVERNMENT until RAMESH HOSPITAL took permission to convert it into a Covid Care Centre when REQUESTED by the GOVERNMENT! HAD THIS FIRE ACCIDENT TAKEN PLACE 3 weeks earlier when it was RUN by the GOVERNMENT, WHO WOULD THEY BLAME? ”

Nevertheless, Ram’s tweet obtained combined response from netizens. Many watch this tweet as an try to avoid wasting Ramesh hospital and make Swarna palace alone the Scape goat. Some netizens additionally alleged that, Ram is talking because the hospital belongs to certainly one of his relations. In addition they criticized him for talking up on behalf of his relations as a substitute of talking up for the needy individuals. Some individuals even went on to counsel him to be taught from Sonu Sood who’s spending thousands and thousands of rupees and increasing serving to hand for the needy on this troublesome instances.

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