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I was s*xually abused age of 5 and 9

2021-03-14 13:10:03 :

(*5*)I was sxually abused age of 5 and 9

Pakistan-born American actress and Salman Khan’ ex-girlfriend – Somy Ali lately attended an interview and reveled that she has been a sufferer of rape and molestation. In keeping with Somy Ali, she was s*xually abused on the age of 5 and 9 and was raped when she was simply 14.

 The actress Somy Ali stated, “The first time I was s*xually abused in Pakistan, I was 5 years old. There were  the three incidents in the servant’ quarters. I informed my mother and father, the actions were also taken. But what my parents told me, “don’t tell this to anybody.” In my head, I lived with that for years. I thought, “Did I do something wrong? Why was I told by my parents?” Once more there was an incident when I was  9, then once more at 14″.

In the course of the #MeToo motion in 2018 Somy Ali had praised the survivors for talking up on her Instagram by sharing a submit, “As a survivor of s*xual abuse at the age of  five and rape at fourteen, I would like to salute all the people that have spoken up and plan on doing so.”

Somy Ali featured in lots of Hindi films within the 90s however she had give up the  movie business later. Now she runs a non-profit organisation named ‘No More Tears’. Her mission by means of NGO is to rescue the  rape victims and youngsters who’re s*xually abused.


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