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Lakshmi Manchu: Drew from real people to create my role in ‘Pitta Kathalu’

2021-01-23 18:50:14 :

Actress Lakshmi Manchu, who will probably be seen in the Telugu OTT sequence Pitta Kathalu, says she has introduced alive her character of Swaroopakka drawing from a mixture of people she has seen in life.

Swaroopakka is a narcissistic politician, and Lakshmi says that it wasn’t straightforward for her to convey alive the half.

“This was really tough. I don’t relate even one bit to what I did in this character. But then if the ability is in me, I have to bring it out. I had quite a few people I could channel, and I’m sure my friends who see me in this character will immediately identify in at least one or two instances who I was channelling,” Lakshmi tells IANS.

Lakshmi, who primarily works in Telugu movies, has additionally labored in movies and on TV in Tamil, Hindi and English languages, together with an look in the favored American present, Determined Housewives.

“As an actor you are always looking at characters that push you and challenge you, and find places that make you uncomfortable because what I believe is art is something that should make you feel uncomfortable, it should make you ask questions. So you push the boundaries, you cannot have art and create art through other people’s morality, it has to come from a place of truth,” she says.

“I’ve had the good fortune of seeing some amazing incredible people who are in the service of the people and the public, who are politicians, who are selfless and their whole game and goal was to really give back to the nation and to the people around them,” she provides.

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