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Poonam Kaur: Don’t blame fans for online wars

2020-06-05 22:21:44 :

Actress Poonam Kaur has additionally joined the online dialogue that’s raging on about Meera Chopra and NTR’s fans. Poonam Kaur can be a sufferer of trolling. Pawan Kalyan’s fans abused and trolled her viciously a few years in the past in one other controversy. After Meera Chopra lodging complaints towards NTR’s fans for abusing her online, media shops have been digging the historical past of actresses who had confronted comparable online abuse. As anticipated Poonam Kaur’s title has cropped up in these articles as effectively. 

So, Poonam Kaur took it to social media to responded to this controversy. She opined that many instances fans are innocents in these online wars. Poonam Kaur stated it may very well be a political occasion’s sport plan utilizing the faux names of fans. 

“While my name is dragged consistently for no reason, but I have not made a complaint against any fan. I truly believe they are innocent and are instigated by the middle people of media organizations for their gains. I have launched a complaint only on people who troubled me. Don’t blame fans for wars (edited),” she stated in a tweet.

She additionally stated no actor desires his fans to abuse others. The celebs by no means take pleasure in such soiled tips in any respect. “No actor wants his fans to abuse anyone, it is created by jealous factors in and around the industry and media. They don’t have time for this. Trolling is a part of an actor’s life. Only criminal acts need to be reported. Trolling is a game done to victimize you. Don’t bother, move on,” she has this recommendation for actresses who face online trolling from fans.

She additionally puzzled whether or not some political hand is behind these abuse for gaining politically. “We don’t even know if these fans are fake accounts created by political gains and in the end, the actor gets blamed no matter who it is …. accept that our industry is interlinked with one political party each. Fans are innocent people; few political people are evil. They do these acts,” she posted.

In a means, she defended harmless fans however requested to report those that take pleasure in such legal acts for political positive factors.

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