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Poonam Kaur’s sensational tweets against RGV

2020-06-29 07:51:17 :

Actress Poonam Kaur made sensational tweets against director Ram Gopal Varma. She instructed that, director Ram Gopal Varma begged her for 1 hour to tweet against Pawan Kalyan up to now. She additionally added that she recorded all this dialog and ship it to janasena celebration media head Hariprasad. Particulars as under.

RGV to mock Pawan Kalyan in his new movie Energy star:

This all began with director Ram Gopal Varma asserting film with title Energy Star. It’s identified information that director Ram Gopal Varma not too long ago making some very low-cost films ( by way of content material in addition to price range ) and releasing them on his app to make a number of fast bucks. His latest films like Climax, Bare obtained worst suggestions however but Ram Gopal Varma is boasting himself of with the ability to promote a number of thousand tickets. Even when we go by his numbers, the entire collected may have been a number of lakhs. He appears to have forgotten that his films have been being awaited by biggies of the nation at one level of time.

Yesterday Ram Gopal Varma tweeted that he’s making a film on Energy star. He tweeted, “BREAKING NEWS: My next film on RGVWORLDTHEATRE is titled POWER STAR will be starring P K, M S , N B , T S, a Russian woman , four children , 8 buffaloes and R G V ..No prizes will be given for understanding who the characters are #RGV’sPOWERSTAR”

Poonam Kaur responded on RGV’s new movie, reminds RGV begging her to tweet against Pawan:

Ram Gopal Varma announcement on energy star film didn’t evoke any response from energy star followers as everyone seems to be now conscious that he’s doing this for a number of fast bucks. However fairly unexpectedly, Poonam Kaur responded to Ram Gopal Varma tweet about energy star film.

She tweeted, “Plz include a character named #rgv who calls girls finding out their emotional weakness n instigates them to use abusive language and sends tweets to them to share as if they are doing it n then informs media about it …I respected U when I was a child …feel sad about u now”. She additionally added, ” I actually want I had recorded the decision of this traitor director who brainwashed me for an hour to talk against a persona …the tweets he despatched me have been despatched to respective celebration private …thank god I’ve few real folks in media I wouldn’t know ur intentions in any other case ….”

Poonam says, she despatched these recordings to Janasena media head:

Despite the fact that she didn’t point out the identify of Pawan Kalyan in her authentic tweet, it was understood by many as she quoted Ram Gopal Varma tweet on the film Energy Star. However she herself opened up when some netizens have been asking about all of the proofs. She instructed that she had recorded the dialog of Ram Gopal Varma begging her to tweet against Pawan Kalyan and despatched it to Janasena media head Hariprasad. She tweeted, “The tweet msgs were sent to Hari- prasad Garu from your party who hails from Tirupati …. I don’t know if he saved it ! My responsibility was to inform them!”

Total, it appears that evidently Poonam Kaur, along with her tweets, actually uncovered director Ram Gopal Varma ‘Naked’. We should wait and watch how Ram Gopal Varma responds on this.

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