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RGV Power star: Rude shock to anti-fans of Pawan

2020-07-25 20:40:59 :

Maverick director RGV has been in information not too long ago as a result of of his film ‘Power star’ and OU JAC leaders’ assault on his workplace. The movie launched in the present day 11 am however gave a stunning shock to the viewers as Varma appeared to have taken U-turn and dished out utterly sudden climax. Actually, most of the viewers who booked the film bought a impolite shock after watching the film. Particulars as under.

That is NOT a very destructive film on Pawan like these SSK motion pictures on NTR:

Followers and their adulation has at all times been a delicate situation in Telugu and Tamil movie industries. When RGV introduced Power star film, the followers of Pawan Kalyan turned very uneasy and feared what this maverick director will provide by means of this film. Normally, such satiric motion pictures finish with robust destructive feedback on the lead function. For e.g. Gandipeta Rahasyam film, a sarcastic film on NTR made by Celebrity Krishna, ends with a scene through which folks pelt stones on NTR character. Most of the films made on NTR by Tremendous star Krishna in addition to others between 1985-89 had comparable climaxes the place NTR character is both overwhelmed up by folks or flees from the nation.

“Power star” not solely goes tender on Pawan but in addition certifies his integrity:

Pawan followers additionally feared if Varma would give such a destructive climax to their favourite star and began opposing the film. Nonetheless, as everybody is aware of, there should not solely followers for movie stars of South India but in addition many extra anti-fans and Pawan just isn’t an exception. These anti-fans of Pawan promoted and supported the film in a giant means in social media. However after seeing the film they acquired impolite shock for two causes. One, the film doesn’t finish with a destructive tone on Pawan. Somewhat, it ends on a really excessive optimistic notice on Pawan and his political future. The preliminary scenes that concentrate on Pawan negatively additionally don’t cross the road. Furthermore, the movie portrays Pawan as an trustworthy man who misplaced the elections primarily as a result of he was misled by folks very shut to him. It even condemns the allegations that Pawan took the bundle from TDP, as alleged by his political rivals.

Detrimental scenes/ phrases on CBN and NBK:

Secondly, as an alternative of displaying Pawan in a foul mild, as anticipated by most of the ticket patrons of the film, the movie exhibits Chandra Babu Naidu character in a foul mild and there was a scene that exhibits Pawan regretting becoming a member of the fingers with Chandra Babu in earlier elections. This scene might not go nicely with followers of TDP and followers of CBN. Furthermore, there’s a scene through which hero Bala Krishna is referred to as ‘Bul Bul Krishna’, in all probability after the well-known blooper of the star through which he mispronounces the phrases in ‘Sare Jahaa se Acha’ music.


Total the movie provides a impolite shock to the viewers who anticipated satires on Pawan Kalyan, not solely by going tender on him and certifying his integrity but in addition by criticizing the celebrities and politicians of the opposite celebration.

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